From Rice Crakers to BEIKA

Rice,Technique,Heart Meticulously chosen ingredients: Iwatsuka uses 100% domestic rice
Rice,Technique,Heart Scrupulous manufacturing process: Fusion of tradition and state-of-the-art technology
Rice,Technique,Heart Always within reach and loved by all ages

Our Products

As a result of striving for better taste, we have found that using only 100% domestic rice is the key, making our products not only delicious but also safe.

Okosama Senbei Series

Soft Rice Crackers for Babies and Toddlers

Our long-seller product in its popular
retro-looking package

Okosama Senbei

Vegetable rice crackers
with carrot,
cabbage, and spinach kneaded in


Ganbare! Yasai Kazoku

Fish rice crackers with
domestic sardine powder and carrot kneaded in


Ganbare! Kozakana Kazoku


A light, fluffy, quick-dissolving cracker made from the local Niigata-produced rice flour

fuwatto edamae


fuwatto ebi


Aji Shirabe

Light, crispy rice cracker with a nostalgic sweet and salty savor

  • ・The long seller with unchanging great flavor
  • ・Carefully baked for light texture, made of 100% domestic rice
  • ・Our employees' favorite

Kuromame Senbei

Black soybean rice cracker

  • ・Steamed black soybeans baked in for the nice crunchy texture
  • ・Flavored with salt to bring out the natural flavors of rice and black soybeans

Inakano Okaki Series

The harmony of crisp
and light airy texture

Rich flavor using a specially matured soy sauce


Soy Sauce

Roasted salt flavor with the natural aroma of the rice



Sweet and savory flavor with crunchy sugar coating



What is BEIKA ?

BEIKA is the name for snacks made from rice, a food consumed by half of the world’s population.
As the rice is cooked in two stages, BEIKA is easily digested and has long been enjoyed as a healthy snack in traditional Japanese food culture.
There are two kinds of main ingredients of BEIKA: sticky glutinous rice for Arare and Okaki, and non-glutinous rice, the staple food item of Japanese people, for Senbei.

Rice Senbei Okaki

From Rice Crackers

Since the very beginning,
Iwatsuka has chosen all ingredients meticulously
to create BEIKA with exceptional taste.

As our current goals for further growth ,
we are to spread the food culture of BEIKA
and the word itself, and to create brand new, innovative products.
“From Rice Crackers to BEIKA” represents our ongoing quest for excellent taste.


Meet Our President

Haruo Maki,President

Haruo Maki, President

Moving forward while staying true to the spirit of our founders
We deliver smiles that say “ Delicious !”

IWATSUKA CONFECTIONERY CO.,LTD. was fortunate enough to celebrate its 70th Anniversary in 2017, thanks to our customers, business partners, shareholders and the warm support from the local community over the years. We are sincerely grateful.

70 years ago, the then small, snow-covered village of Iwatsuka was a poor farming community where life depended on the household heads going off to the city to do seasonal work every winter.
Then IWATSUKA Agricultural Processing Factory was founded in 1947 by two villagers who were determined to establish a local industry to free the community from such seasonal insecurities.
This was the origin of our “ founding spirit, ” of coexisting with the community through the link of agricultural processed foods.
It constitutes the bedrock of our management philosophy and directs us to this day.

Japanese society is facing “the reality of a 21st century-type consumer society,” where business environments are changing drastically. Issues to be resolved are abound and urgent. We must adapt to this change and overcome obstacles by remembering our founding spirit.
We must continue to embark upon new challenges through a spirit of creation and cooperation to create new social and economic value.

The IWATSUKA CONFECTIONERY CO.,LTD. Group, as a creator of delicious rice flavor, will uphold its resolution to use only 100% domestic rice,
and to spread the Japanese food culture of BEIKA, along with smiles that say “ Delicious ! ” throughout the world.

Company Profile

Company Name
Head Office
2958 Iizuka, Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture 949-5492, Japan
Phone: +81-258-92-4111 Fax: +81-258-92-6060
July 29, 1947
Company Established
April 27, 1954
JPY 1,634.75 million
Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ market
Business Description
Manufacture and sales of rice crackers made from 100% domestic rice
971 (Consolidated, as of March 31, 2021 )
JPY 22.167 billion (Consolidated, as of March 31, 2021 )
Business Locations
10branch offices and 6 sales offices in Japan
Production Sites
  • 5 Factories (Hokkaido: 1, Niigata: 4)
  • Subsidiaries:
  • ZUIKA Co.,Ltd
  • AJINOREN Co., Ltd.
  • Satoyamagenkifarm Co., Ltd.
  • Tanabekashiho Co., Ltd.

Iwatsuka's History

Iwatsuka was a poor, snow-covered farming village
where the men were forced to leave their families
every winter to find work in the city.
Two young men, Kinjiro Hiraishi and Keisaku Maki,
35 and 29 respectively at the time,
boldly aspired to create a business
that would enrich their destitute hometown.

Learning from the ingredient rice itself,
they started the BEIKA business from scratch.
They focused on the rice and forged ahead fearlessly
with great ingenuity.
This founding spirit is being passed down to present day.

Founding Philosophy

Our founders once said,
“An agricultural processed food can only be as good as its
That is why you need good ingredients.
It is, however, possible to make bad processed food from
good ingredients.
That is why you need solid technology.
No matter how good the technology, nothing good can ever
come from bad ingredients.”

Kinjiro Hiraishi

Kinjiro Hiraishi

Keisaku Maki

Keisaku Maki

Over 70 years since Iwatsuka’s founding,
the wish of our founders to give to the local community has found its answer,
in the unique form of delivering smiles that say “Delicious!

Iwatsuka Seika